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The Cozy Places in Jogja for Hangout

Cozy Places to hangout in Jogja City :

Iga Bakar Jogja :

Two places, at Gejayan Street and another one at Magelang Street km. 5. Iga bakar in English is roasted rib, these 2 places are so famous and so many local people like this menu. If you like to try the Indonesian spicy tastes, please come and usually they will offer their special coffee and cassava chip.

Kedai Poci, Kaliurang :

The famous local café at Kaliurang, almost people who live near this place know it. The special drink which offer is a local tea. They serve so many menus such as fried noodle, capcay, coffee, softdrink, and also some fried snack. It opens 24 hours, so many local people, clean, and very Javanese.

Awan Bengi, Kaliurang km 9 :

Exactly besides “Bale Hinggil Housing”, the exterior is designed in Javanese culture, using logs for the chairs, and the menu is dominated by juice or softdrink and snacks. It opens daily up to 2 a.m in the morning.

Kedai Kopi, Kaliurang km 5 :

At intersection of North Ring Road, Kentungan. The hangout place for hobnob, chitchat, while internet surfing or just meeting with friends, this place is so recommended. The menu is mostly snack with all varian coffee and chocolate. Kedai Kopi has two other places, one at Babarsari, and at Selokan Mataram Gejayan.

Rumah Coklat (House of Chocolate) :

At Cik Di Tiro Street, north to Paramitha Lab, this place is (of course) everything about chocolate, many local people like to visit this place. Many cars at parking area, mostly young people come to grouply, cozy and wifi available.

Own Café, at Sagan :

Cozy and comfortable place, far away from traffic crowd. Usually Own Café organize the event of Soccer Watching for their customer, with big screen. It’s enjoyful for chitchat.

Djendelo Cafe, at Affandi Street :

Affandi Street or Gejayan Street, located on the corner, upstair of Toga Bookstore. Wifi is available, and no problem if you spend the time here even just eat some snack and order ice blackcurrent tea, banana split, or hot chocolate.

Empire Cafe :

Accross side with a Djendelo Cafe, usually young men enjoy the menu while watching soccer crowdly.

Adiccted Cafe, at Gejayan :

Spending time here is so cozy for me especially for reading book or writing in my notebook, it’s just small cafe with some sofa. It’s so privacy.

Snap Cafe, at Gejayan :
Very delicious pancake, it’s my favorite menu at this cafe. And more yummy, if you also order the ice cream with pancake in the same plate.

Flo Coffee and Chocolate Bar, At Cendrawasih Street :
Still surrounding Snap Cafe, this cafe is small and quiet, among so many distro. So if you feel tired after window shopping at distro, just try to taste the menu at this cafe.

Oase Cafe, Seturan :
Mostly blue, so blue atmosphere, omelette is my favorit one here.

Kedai Nusantara, Nologaten :
Crowded with local people, at night live band, actually local band, not bad, it can beat you up.

MATO, Seturan :
It’s not cafe nor waroeng, but it’s good enough to hang out here, 24 hours open. Many customers but not noisy. Lot of menu with making sense price (local price), try a ginger milk or hot chocolate. The taste is so local, don’t imagine European taste, and the price is so cheap.

XXI Cafe, at Solo Street :
Located at 21 Empire, you can enjoy the live band at night, usually I order french fries with blend chocolate or hot coffee.

Angkringan Lek Man, Tugu :
Want the original Jogja taste? Try it, it’s so original, especially for Kopi Joss, local black coffee, it’s very unique to serve the coffee. You will be shock when the seller put the hot charcoal in it. Angkringan is like tenant, but perfectly please goggling for it. Besides black coffee, there is so many snack that you can try.

Ministry Of Coffee, Prawirotaman :
This place is so Western, so don’t worry with the taste if you come from Europe or United States. Recommended place and the menu, everything is good for me here.

Lucifer Cafe and Bar, Sosrowijayan :
At the corner Sosrowijayan Street, near Malioboro. Live band every night, and usually always change the music genre. The beverage here is so many variant, and be careful not to be drunk hard when the cafe closed.

Peacock Cafe, Monjali :
It’s good to have dinner or breakfast with beloved person. Cozy, quiet, and so privacy, it opens 24 hours.

The House Of Raminten, Kota Baru :
It feels so Javanese ”taste”, the Gending (Javanese instrument) sound welcome to you when come into. The waiters wear Javanese custom and batik, so exotic for me, but perhaps you have to be familiar with ”dupa” smell.

Mirota Cafe, Malioboro :
Mirota is the famous boutique of batik at Malioboro, and after shopping high quality batik, you can take a rest at the cafe on upstair of the boutque.

The writer is tour and travel guide in Indonesia. I am also the backpacker, enjoy traveling all around the world. Please contact me if you need a tour guide by email: monocinde@gmail.com , my whatsapp +628179557700, and another cell number +6285322879799.

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