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The Effective Tour Package : The Most Famous Tour Packages in Indonesia

How to Get Effective Tour Package :

My Book of Famous Tour Packages in Indonesia

I love being a tour guide since I went to University, so many tourists I know, most of them are Europeans. Traveling all around in Indonesia and my special area is Java and Bali Island, gave me some lesson that 

  • §  Most of tourists don’t know that in fact Indonesia is big country. 
  • §  When they got arrival in Jakarta, sometimes what they read in guiding book, is not update, or not any information about the allocated time. 
  • §  The bad thing is when the tourist just trust what tour guide say, another side the tour guide doesn't explain the run down of the itinerary. 

So what I want to say the points are :

  • You can read this book and make your trip to Indonesia efficiently.
  • You can search on-line about the tour guide in Indonesia, and please make it deal with your own itinerary.
  • Then you can predict and plan about the budget.

So you can download it free and read it.

Oh, I remember something, Indonesia is so big country, what I write down in this book is still some destination. Hope one day I can write down about having tour at Raja Ampat, Komodo island, diving in Moluccas island, and still so many others.

Good Luck,
Soeksmono Atmowardojo

Please contact me if you need tour guide for having trip in Java, Bali, and/or Lombok.
My whatsapp number is +628179557700 or my call number +6285322879799

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