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Dear Anyone who is Tour Guide …
by Soeksmono Atmowardojo

Good Morning, Good Day, or Good Evening depends on where you live at side of this planet. Here please I want to introduce myself that my name is Soeksmono, and just call me Mono. One of my profession is a tour guide in Java and Bali. I have been a tour guide since 1997, and seriously involve in 2009. I was busy at local NGO too,here in Java. I guide the English speaking tourists but sometimes local tourists too. The money is not the only my purpose, I love seeing the people from all around the world, and I enjoy my job. I really love my job.

At another side, mostly my tour guide job is depending on the order or waiting calls from local tour agent. Then right now I keep trying to market my job myself. I am still building my own tour guide website, publishing my business at any social media, also made group “Tour Guide Community” at Facebook.
The idea of “Tour Guide Community” is building network for any tour guide from all around the world. The benefits to be obtained from the community are

  • To build networks, we can inform, publish, and promote the tourism objects each other.
  • To sell the tour package and get commission from any guide who “sells” it.
  • To be a tour leader for any tourist who come from their own country when they are visiting another tour guide’s country.

So what I see is so beautiful business concept from this simple community.
About the explanation in detail technically, we can negotiate each other depends on the habit, culture, and absolutely trust. The details such as commission, payment method, or anything else.

So please let join this group ….. https://www.facebook.com/communitytourguides
You can promote yourself about your service as tour guide.
You can publish your tour package.
And of course please tell your name and your info contact.

The writer is the consultant of traveling, especially for Indonesian backpackers and English speaking tourists.

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